Tuesday, September 29, 2015

7 Steps to Start Your Leadership Training Program Off On the Right Foot

A business man is poised at the starting line for a road race to begin a leadership training program and win

With all that businesses have to worry about these days, it’s a challenge to add to the list a plan for building a viable leadership pipeline. And yet making sure there is talent ready and willing to take on the helm is critical for any leader’s legacy and for the company’s future health and wellbeing.

Effective leadership training programs should be a top priority for organizations that intend to survive and thrive going forward.

Here is a short list of what to do so that you do not leave a leadership vacuum at the top:
  1. Develop a model for leadership that makes sense for your business and corporate culture and thoroughly assess current and potential future leaders against it.  Make sure the leadership performance bar clear, simple, understood, achievable, inspirational, measurable, and relevant.

  2. Hold current leaders accountable for both results and for creating the performance environment where their teams will thrive.  This includes the ability to consistently attract, develop, engage, inspire and retain top talent in alignment with the business strategy and organizational culture.

  3. Provide sufficient time, resources and updated performance metrics for top-flight and action-based leadership training programs that are fully supported by the C-suite and that move the business forward.

  4.  Agree upon the business metrics you want leadership development to impact and the value of doing so compared to other business priorities.  Make sure that you have complete buy-in and commitment from the target audience, their bosses and the Executive Team before moving forward.

  5. Have a powerful C-Suite sponsor and hold one person responsible for a common and holistic leadership development strategy across the organization.  Give them the authority they need to succeed.

  6. Make leadership development an integral part of the corporate culture where continuous learning and performance improvement is valued at all levels.

  7. Keep your eye on the goal of developing leaders that back the strategic goals of the organization, fully embody the desired culture, and have the talent required to succeed.

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