3 Simple Tips for Improved Leadership

Much has been written about how to be a great leader. One facet of leadership is clarity of thinking and simplicity of communication. So we’ll make it clear and simple. Follow these three leadership training program tips and you will be far along the path to great leadership:

1.     Plan upfront
Action should not precede thoughtful planning. Spend time with your team discussing and preparing for what must be done. Be sure the path and goal are clearly understood. Otherwise, you will waste time and money correcting missteps that could have been avoided.

2.     Use and grow your team
Don’t lead in a vacuum. You need your team members to sign on to the mission and carry out the work. Teamwork matters…members should work collaboratively toward a common goal. If there is confusion or conflict about roles, it is up to you to fix it.

3.     Look to the future
      Leaders need to anticipate company needs. Consider future requirements for products/services, marketplace changes, workforce talents, shifts in the economy. You need to be a bit of a seer and plan accordingly.

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